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A Budgyt Case Study:

Texas Stars, American Hockey League

the quick details:

Industry: Professional Sports
Admin Role: CFO

Location: Texas, USA
Users: 32
P&L's: 26

Accounting Software:
Dynamics Great Plains

their ask

Back in the early days of Budgyt, Larry Silver, VP of Finance for Texas Hockey stars Club, needed help. With over 26 departments, 50 employees, and 3 unique entities, he was looking for a flexible budgeting solution to help organize & analyze the complex operating expenses of a professional AHL ice hockey team, large arena, and community sports club.

Originally challenged by Larry’s demands for extra customization, flexible reporting periods, and Excel-linking, these would become the unique features that shaped Budgyt into the truly intuitive, user-friendly platform we are today.

Our Solution

their challenges

Aside from needing a tool that could simplify the complex nuances of multi-entity budgeting, Larry wasn’t shy about telling us exactly what he wanted in his “ideal” budgeting solution.

The requests were simple at first: display variances in budget to actual reporting and be able to import/export data from GP. But then they got a bit more complicated: needing to be able to view budgets by month or pay period, limiting categories to departments, adding comments, and linking Excel sheets to categories.

our solution

Rather than tell Larry we simply didn’t have everything he was looking for, we listened. His requests inspired us to become a more intuitive platform that any user—including Larry—could adapt to fit their own needs.

Our development team brainstormed and created unique solutions for Larry that have now become the standard for all Budgyt users. We revised dashboards to become more customizable, added more category & department settings, expanded in-platform communication with users, and built a sophisticated Excel add-on that links pre-built, complex formulas and large amounts of data directly to Budgyt.

Working with Larry not only shaped our platform into becoming the highly intuitive, user-friendly tool we are today, but it also instilled our customer-forward approach to development that prioritizes user needs first and foremost.

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what we delivered:

  • 5 custom-built features, including a highly sophisticated Excel linking tool
  • Rapidly developed in just 4 weeks with an additional 2 weeks of testing
  • Immeasurable savings on time, labor, stress, and headaches
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"Non-finance savvy department managers find it a vast improvement over our previous Excel-based process."

Larry Silver

CFO Manager

Alex Debord

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The budgeting process was so simplified by Budgyt, that even non-finance savvy department managers found it a vast improvement over Excel.

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