Reforecast in Minutes

Use rolling forecasts to replace annual planning cycles so that you can respond to changing business conditions as they happen. Continual forecasting provides more accurate financial plans, increased agility, and optimized financial results.

Finance is evolving, and speed, efficiency, and a strategic outlook are the new expectations of any finance team or budgeting process. This is crucial for businesses to see what's coming next and pivot as needed.

Collaborative Budgeting

We believe that the best budgets are the ones with the most collaboration. It's why we don't charge for users. 

This evolution has fostered a closer working relationship with other areas of the organization. However, there are still tasks – departmental budgeting, periodic reporting, and the monthly close – that require tremendous effort and coordination. Managing your budgeting process and strategy by sharing spreadsheets via email or "slack" is no longer a scalable or viable solution.

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Decrease Closing Time

We all know that the financial close process is broken. If business units store their financial data in silos, you'll never know if the numbers in front of you are correct. With Budgyt, you'll be able to close the books faster by simplifying the collection and validation of data across your entire budgeting process, all on our platform. Our User Permissions and Audit logs will give you confidence in the data being secured and recorded.

Budgyt further improves your accuracy and minimizes risks while cutting days—or even weeks off your closing times by using our hyperlinking and dimensions features. You’ll close faster while being able to see the impact of your decisions and allocations in real-time, preparing you for what comes next.

eliminating the risks

Eliminate manual processes and save time, eliminate errors, and move at the speed of your business. Complete all of your financial activities and deliverables more efficiently and with less manual effort. 

With hyperlinking and User Permissions, never worry about broken links or missing formulas again. 

presenting to The board

Create professional financial and management reports that will impress even the most demanding executives, board members, and investors. 

Every board of directors relies on accurate, timely financial information to make the best decisions for the organization. For finance, pulling together the data, people, and insights necessary to create the board presentation can be a daunting task. And demanding directors and busy executives don’t have the patience for errors or confusing presentation layouts.

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