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Zhariff Melgoza, Vice President of Marketing & Design at Budgyt since October 2019, is a visionary leader known for his ability to digitally transform brands and create innovative engagement strategies. His role at Budgyt has been pivotal in steering the company into a hyper-growth phase. Zhariff's unique blend of storytelling and strategic marketing has redefined Budgyt's brand identity, leading to a significant increase in lead generation and conversion rates. 

Before joining Budgyt, Zhariff's dynamic career included leadership roles at renowned companies like Polo Ralph Lauren, Club Monaco, GAP, Dylan's Candy Bar, Sugar Factory, and Financier Patisserie. He further honed his skills working with major brands such as Pepsi, L'Oreal, Cricket Wireless, and Folgers 1850 through agencies like McCann, CBX, and Agency Saks. His diverse experience across various industries, coupled with his adaptability and innovative approach, makes Zhariff a unique and valuable asset in leading Budgyt's marketing and creative strategies. His work has not only enhanced Budgyt's market presence but also greatly contributed to its internal ecosystem development, focusing on automation, inter-connectivity, and AI integration within all systems.



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